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AJAX LiveCounter is based on the old school java version LiveCounter classic from But is really old and it needs java. And Java is not that fast... ;)
That's way I wrote a new AJAX version. It's easier to install, it loads faster and it works on all devices. Including mobile phones!

The animation is made by Gavin Brock. I used his excellent CSS/JavaScript Animated Odometer (version 1.0)

How it works

This LiveCounter works with AJAX requests, so all requests are done in the background of the website. With these AJAX requests the counter is able to go up or down in number without reloading the page. This way you get an animated live counter that is showing the amount of visitors at that moment. It is near realtime. That is way it is called "live" counter.

The LiveCounter does a request every 30 seconds. That are two requests every minute. So every 30 seconds the counter can change up or down. The LiveCounter shows counts the unique amount of visitors that were active in the last 2 minutes.

In version 2.0 these are the new features (24-02-2013):

Update: From February the 24th 2013 version 2.0 is launched. The new version is now based on a canvas version odometer. It is now based on the odometer of Animated HTML5 Canvas Odometer from Mark Crossley. There is a small size change. The counter will now generate an iFrame of 80 x 20 pixels. But no update of the existing code is needed.

Update 2: Because IE 8 and lower does not understand HTML 5 canvas, the old Odo meter code is enabled for IE 8 and lower. This works better than trying to let IE understand the canvas tag. So now the live counter code should run on every browser now.

Update 3: After almost one year (February the 15th), the amount of requests are increased from about 4 million per day to now about 20 million a day, we had to change the system! So now we have updated our counting engine, which can now handle about 1000 requests per second. That stands for about 30.000+ connections. And with CDN offloading, we reduced our bandwidth. Happy counting!

In version 2.5 (03-04-2015):
Now we are able to handle a whopping 10.000+ extra users. So bring it on! At this moment we are handling about 25.000.000+ requests a day :D


Currently there are number of visitors:


As a website owner you just insert one line of code in your page. And your done! That is really all!!. Go start right away and copy the code below and past it in your website. You can make as many counters as you need/want.

                   Code: generate

Stats (live)

Users online:             

Counters online:        

Requests per second:



In order to count visitors we use a database to log your IP number and a unique session. We don't log any more of you. And all data that is older than 2 minutes will be deleted. We don't count visitors that are inactive more than 2 minutes and therefor we don't need that data anymore.

We do use Piwik for log file analytics. But we do respect the Do Not Track setting in your browser. With the Piwik we analyse the amount of hits and the duration of a visit. We are not interested in individuals. We just want to know some nerdy numbers ... :)


For questions you can mail at: livecounter[at]theyosh[dot]nl or visit my site:

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